About - EM Interior Design
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Since establishing EM interior design in 2019, owner Edwin Murphy has designed luxury homes, interiors, driving ranges, and retail spaces in Shopping Malls across South Africa.


EM Interior design’s approach to space is to care for the end-user and understand the design process.  Each surface material and interaction point connects the narrative of the interior and that of the clients’ adventures.


Space is personal, and connecting design, materiality, and cognitive behaviour successfully attract people to stay and enjoy the area.  Whether residential or retail, interiors need to be sustainable in design, aesthetic, and functionality.


Edwin’s design philosophy is driven by his passion for helping people by developing a sustainable design solution.  The ideology (thinking outside the box) is achievable through control, consideration, and imagination.  Controlling your environment to achieve precision in design is essential, for it’s your perception of your surroundings that influence design thinking and design living.


Consideration is to always keep the end-user in mind over your own selfish needs.  Imagination tells the story of a well-travelled and cultured individual, reflected in the interior.